Opioid News Highlights: Week of July 1

CSIP Opioid Awareness News

The following articles about the ongoing crisis of opioid and prescription drug abuse appeared in major newspapers, periodicals and online sources between June 26 and July 6.

Documentary films explore the despair of America’s heroin and opioid epidemic. Los Angeles Times. July 6, 2018.

‘Recovery Boys’ and five other Netflix documentaries that shine a light on social issues. IndieWire. July 6, 2018.

Ohio public health system uses EMR alerts to curb opioid prescription. Smart Brief. July 5, 2018.

‘Bodies can’t take it’: Fentanyl involved in nearly half of drug overdose deaths. Indianapolis Star. July 2, 2018.

Test strips identifying fentanyl could help prevent OD cases. Canton Rep. July 2, 2018.

Opioid crisis harms minorities more than whites, so why aren’t they included in the conversation? WCPO Cincinnati. July 1, 2018.

Opinion: Patients should be aware of side effects from opioid reforms. The Detroit News. July 1, 2018.

Opioid epidemic: New laws restricting prescriptions go into effect in three states. USA Today. July 1, 2018.

Opioids from the internet: Almost all online pharmacies are illegal. Newsweek. July 1, 2018.

19 things you didn’t know about the opioid epidemic. Health. June 29, 2018.

Some good news in the fight against opioid overdose deaths. Washington Post. June 29, 2018.

U.S. charges hundreds in healthcare fraud, opioid crackdown. Reuters. June 28, 2018.