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CSIP in the News

CSIP and its partner organizations sometimes contribute articles about the problems and issues posed by illicit online pharmacies in various media outlets. Various news and information organizations also report on the work of CSIP. This page contains collections of articles written by CSIP staff or partners about the organization, as well as stories about CSIP from the media.



CSIP Partners With North Carolina to Launch

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The North Carolina News and Observer featured CSIP’s launch of, which includes a state council of supporters – the North Carolina Secretary of State, AARP, the Academy of Family Physicians, Health and Human Services, the Chamber of Commerce, the Council of Churches and other advocacy organizations.

The site features a search tool where consumers can test their online pharmacy to learn whether it is safe or illegitimate. This effort is in response to statistics by the FDA and National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, which show that 97% of online pharmacies are fake. The campaign is designed to help create awareness of the prevalence of sophisticated counterfeiters who are targeting innocent consumers and endangering their health and safety.
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CSIP Executive Director Addresses Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

Marjorie Clifton

Marjorie Clifton, Executive Director of the Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies (CSIP), recently penned a blog for the Huffington Post in which she highlighted how the recent death of the musical star Prince, seemingly from opioid use, is a stark reminder of the ever-present dangers of the potential for prescription drug abuse. This danger is increasingly a concern, especially among teenagers.

In the blog, Clifton wrote: “Most parents are unaware of both how common prescription medicine abuse has become in high schools across America, and how easy it is for young people to acquire pills in their own homes and classrooms. Prescription medicines are now the most commonly abused drugs among 12 to 13 year olds. And, medications like Adderall, a commonly prescribed ADHD medication, are being sold peer-to-peer in academically competitive settings as a ‘normal’ way for kids to focus and stay awake for long study hours.”

Clifton suggested five important steps parents and other adults can take to help educate about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

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Journal of Health Communication Article Cites CSIP

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A review article in the February 2016 issue of the Journal of Health Communication: International Perspectives identified 13 organizations working in the area of consumer education on illicit online pharmacies; 9 of which were engaged in a health promotion activity. CSIP was included in the study  – with emphasis placed on its social media efforts to raise awareness of the importance of purchasing medications from safe online sources.

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