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CSIP and its partner organizations sometimes contribute articles about the problems and issues posed by illicit online pharmacies in various media outlets. Various news and information organizations also report on the work of CSIP. This page contains collections of articles written by CSIP staff or partners about the organization, as well as stories about CSIP from the media.



Club Drug “Molly” is Often Counterfeited and Can Be Deadly

Pill Bottles with Dangerous Drugs

The synthetic drug, “Molly,” has become popular among those prone to drug abuse because it boosts chemicals in the brain to cause euphoric feelings and hallucinations. Drug dealers and internet sellers have marketed Molly as pure MDMA, the main ingredient in ecstasy, but reports have indicated that 80-90% of each instance of the drug is counterfeited, or laced with other drugs such as bath salts, and could be dangerous and deadly. Read More


CSIP Member Google Assisting Government to Protect Drug Supply

National Journal

csip_slide_laptop_googleThe upside of online shopping is that it puts the Internet’s full selection at your fingertips. The downside is that it’s harder to know exactly what you’re buying. When it comes to buying medicine, that downside can be deadly.

Illegal online pharmacies are a particularly dangerous and elusive sector of the growing problem of counterfeit drugs. The scope of the Internet compounds the rapid globalization of the drug supply chain and its increasingly dangerous misuse, making illegal sellers more difficult to trace. Read More