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The Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies strives to stay on top of the latest topics, trends and developments related to counterfeit online medicines and illegitimate internet pharmacies. This page will also be updated with CSIP happenings, as well as news from our members. Members of the media and others are invited to contact us for additional information.


US Life Expectancy Lowest Since World War I; Opioid-Related Deaths Rise

Amid a nation gripped by chronic disease, drug abuse, gun violence, and more, the life expectancy of adults in the US has declined to levels not seen since the losses from flu and war in 1915-1918. According to the latest annual data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the US Department of Health & Human Services, Americans could expect to live 78.6 years from birth in 2017, a decrease from the previous year.

Drug overdoses and deaths, especially from fentanyl, saw an increase in 2017. According to an article on the data in the Washington Post, “Deaths attributed to opioids were nearly six times greater in 2017 than they were in 1999.” Health disparities based on geography are still a challenge, with states like West Virginia having 54.8 drug overdose deaths per 100,000 people, while Nebraska had 8.1 deaths per 100,000 people. Read More


Facebook, University of Alabama at Birmingham Partner, to Prevent Illegal Drug Sales Over Social Network

computer with Facebook - free from Pexels

For every drug that hits the market (or the street), there are hundreds of other varieties. As part of its efforts to help manage content and messaging related to the use and misuse of drugs, Facebook recently partnered with the Computer Forensics Research Lab at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, to understand the latest drug street names. This will allow for better flagging of illegal sales that are happening on the platform.

This partnership is part of a larger effort, Tech Together to Fight the Opioid Crisis, a coalition lead by CSIP. The coalition includes representatives from Facebook, Google, and Twitter and “enables the social media companies to share best practices and find ways to increase their collective impact to address the crisis.”

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CSIP Leads Facebook, Google, and Twitter in New Coalition to Fight Opioid Epidemic

At a meeting held in Washington, DC, on November 13th, leaders from three technology companies met with experts to form a new coalition to “share best practices and collaborate on ways to address opioid addiction.” Recognizing the rising public health threat of opioid addiction and overdose in the US, CSIP members Facebook, Google, and Twitter, are forming Tech Together to Fight the Opioid Crisis and will work to leverage new “proactive-detection” technology that is powered by artificial intelligence and can help detect drug-related images and content before they are seen by consumers. Read More