Couple Holding Pill Bottle and Conducting Research

Education Campaign


Our partners collaborated with us in the production of this educational video for our consumer safety site Verify Before You Buy  which was broadcast in Times Square and other New York City locations in the spring of 2017.

CSIP has, at the core of its mission, education aimed at raising public awareness about the potentially life-threatening problems associated with illicit online pharmacies and counterfeit medications purchased through these illegal enterprises. There are several components to our efforts to increase awareness about how consumers can protect themselves from these fake pharmacies and medications.

The first is our website, which includes vetted resources, reports, frequent updates on our blog, as well as online pharmacy and health care product verification tools  powered by LegitScript, to help consumers and health care professionals identify fraudulent online pharmacy websites and avail themselves of legitimate sources. Additionally, we promote our efforts and the life-saving consequences of informing people about the risks of purchasing medication from fake pharmacies online through our media center.

We have also worked closely with our members, other strategic partners, and crowd-sourced creatives to produce and promote educational videos highlighting our mission and resources, including the video at the top of this page which appeared for an extended period in Times Square, and this video, which debuted when CSIP first launched in 2012:



Another way in which we seek to get timely educational resources and other information out to the public is through social media. Please make sure you “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and add us to your circles on Google+ to get the latest updates.

Finally, our members Microsoft and Google are sponsoring search engine ads through Bing and Google Search to raise awareness of those shopping for medications online at the point at which they are most vulnerable to exploitation by criminals peddling fake pharmaceuticals.

All of these efforts have had a significant effect of curtailing the ubiquity and capabilities of rogue online pharmacies over the past several years.