Survey Indicates Prevalence of Online Prescription Purchases, Value of Education About Illegal Online Pharmacies


Research+Data Insights completed a survey of 808 Online Shoppers nationwide on behalf of CSIP. The survey was fielded online from September 10-13, 2015. All respondents were drawn from an online research panel and screened to ensure that they have purchased goods or services online in the past 12 months.

Some of the key findings include:

  • A majority of online shoppers have either purchased prescription medications online in the past or plan to in the future.
  • Most prescription shoppers have bought medication online recently and chronic illness/maintenance drugs top the list of those being purchased online.
  • While most prescription shoppers were required to provide a prescription from a doctor they saw in person, nearly one-in-five have purchased illegally.
  • Cost and convenience top the list of reasons why prescription shoppers would prefer to purchase their prescriptions online.
  • Quality of the product and identity theft tops the list of concerns over purchasing prescription medications online.
  • A majority of prescription shoppers pay for their medications online with a credit card, and common payment logos are the first thing they look for when purchasing.
  • A majority of online shoppers feel it is safe to purchase prescription medications online, but they do have similar concerns about safety to that of purchasing financial services.
  • Message statements about illegal pharmacy sites have a significant impact on perceptions of safety and likelihood to purchase prescription medications online in the future.
  • Health insurance and healthcare company websites prove as important sites in terms of gathering information about buying prescription medications online.

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