Protecting Consumers

Protecting Consumers

Our partners collaborated with us in the production of this educational video for our consumer safety site Verify Before You Buy  which was broadcast in Times Square and other New York City locations in the spring of 2017.

The Internet has revolutionized how people share information, interact, and obtain products and services. However, the same platform that has transformed our lives is being used by illegal operators to sell fake medicine that puts lives at risk.

Overview of the Problem

For many U.S. consumers it is second nature to turn to the Internet to conduct business. We shop for everything from houses, cars and electronics to commonplace household items via the Internet. We pay our bills and manage our bank accounts and investment portfolios from our computers. But when it comes to purchasing prescription medications on the Internet, caveat emptor – or let the buyer beware.

All too often, so-called online pharmacy websites ignore the public health, consumer financial data, and privacy laws put in place to protect consumers. Up to 90,000 websites peddling alleged prescription drugs operate on any given day, but studies show that up to 95% of these websites are illegitimate and unsafe as they fail to abide by laws and patient safety standards, according to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) and LegitScript .

Through CSIP, private sector e-commerce stakeholders endeavor to help curb the proliferation of illegal online drug sellers and promote unencumbered access to safe online pharmacies operating in compliance with the law.

Tech Together

Launched during Covid-19, a coalition of our members – Google, Facebook, and Twitter – combined forces to announce a new online platform to resource those struggling with opioid addiction or substance abuse. Continue reading 

Verify Before You Buy

Verify Before You Buy

We have partnered with North Carolina and a growing number of state governments and health service organizations to provide a website dedicated to helping you determine if your online pharmacy is certified and from a safe source. Continue reading 

Prescription Pill Bottles with Blue and White Pills Spilling Out

Save On My Meds

We have partnered with a growing number of health service organizations to provide a website dedicated to helping consumers find the best options for lower cost prescription medications at pharmacies in their locale. Continue reading 


CSIP, the Partnership for Drug Free Kids and other stakeholders have worked to raise awareness about the dangers of opioid misuse and provide resources that respond to the ongoing opioid addiction crisis. Continue reading 

Man Dressed as a Pill


In 2012, as part of our education campaign, we wanted to create a fresh take on classic PSA videos. The result: a creative, crowdsourced video campaign. Continue reading 

Pill Bottles with Pills Spilling Out and Man Writing on Paper with Pie Graph Topper

Report Suspicious Activity

Drawing upon the resources of our partners in the government and nonprofit sectors, we encourage consumers to take action to report suspected illicit online pharmacies or criminal activity to the appropriate authorities. Continue reading