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What role do CSIP members play in protecting patients?

Because of our roles in the e-commerce sector, CSIP members are uniquely positioned to play a part in educating consumers about illegitimate online pharmaceuticals. This is a role we take seriously and is the reason why the founding members decided to create CSIP.   Through CSIP, corporate members will be promoting and encouraging safe online pharmacies through education, enforcement, and information sharing.

How is CSIP funded?

CSIP is a nonprofit organization that is funded from the contributions of founding members.

How is CSIP managed?

CSIP has a governing board consisting of representatives from its founding corporate members. The Executive Director of CSIP is Marjorie Clifton.

For all questions, please reach out to us using our contact form.

I work in the e-commerce sector and am interested in learning more about CSIP. How can I do so?

CSIP welcomes opportunities to collaborate with other e-commerce sector peers and stakeholders to protect consumers from illegal online drug sellers. If you are interested in learning more about possible opportunities, please contact us.