Who We Are

Who We Are

CSIP is a nonprofit organization founded in 2011 by a diverse group of Internet service providers and technology companies to address the global problem of consumer access to illegitimate pharmaceuticals from illegal online pharmacies and other sources. These fake Internet pharmacies often advertise in deceptive ways and provide consumers with potentially dangerous counterfeit medicines.

Thanks to the work of CSIP, consumers and medical professionals who previously had few resources to understand the scope of the problem or the potential dangers from purchasing pharmaceuticals from these illegal pharmacies now have ways to verify the certification of their online pharmacy, to report illegal online pharmacies or counterfeit pharmaceutical products, and to become educated about these issues.

In addition to being a clearinghouse for certified safe online resources for medicines, CSIP also collaborates with its members and partners in global law enforcement to ensure that those involved in manufacturing or selling counterfeit medicines are apprehended and illegal online pharmacies are stripped of their abilities to transact online or be found by unsuspecting consumers.

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Mission & Goals

The mission of the Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies (CSIP) is to promote and encourage safe online pharmacies through education, enforcement, and information sharing. Our goals include: Providing a neutral forum for sharing relevant information about illegal internet pharmacies among … Continue reading 

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Our Executive Director, Marjorie Clifton works closely together and in coordination with our member organizations to ensure that CSIP remains a well-known and respected clearinghouse for certified safe online resources for medicines as well as a collaborator with global law enforcement to … Continue reading 

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CSIP Members Members include representatives from the Internet ecosystem and each point in the online advertising and purchase/delivery cycle, including domain name registries, registrars, shipping companies, payment processors, and advertising service providers. American Express Each day, American Express makes it … Continue reading 

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Principles of Participation

The Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies (CSIP) is a nonprofit organization chartered in 2011 to allow Internet industry leaders to come together and continue their efforts to address the growing problem of consumer access to illegitimate pharmaceutical products on the … Continue reading 

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What role do CSIP members play in protecting patients? Because of our roles in the e-commerce sector, CSIP members are uniquely positioned to play a part in educating consumers about illegitimate online pharmaceuticals. This is a role we take seriously … Continue reading