CSIP works in close collaboration with our member organizations and partners to provide access to resources which educate consumers, the medical community, and others about significant issues related to counterfeit drugs sold online and rogue online pharmacies. We have also developed a series of resources aimed at combating addiction and raising awareness about the ongoing national crisis of addiction related to misue of opioids. Learn more by clicking on the links below.

Opioid Awareness

Opioid Addiction Resources

CSIP and the Partnership for Drug Free Kids have worked with partners and stakeholders to raise awareness about the dangers of misuse of opioids and provide additional resources that respond to the ongoing crisis. Continue reading 

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Avoiding Counterfeit Medication

Even experts have difficulty identifying prescription medicine that has been counterfeited. What looks like a discount of a lifetime could lead to sickness or even death if you or your loved ones fall victim to these fake medicines. These resources … Continue reading 

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Government Resources

CSIP works closely with federal agencies, departments and executive branch officials to provide easy access to curated, reliable government reports, studies and services related to online medicine safety, addiction recover resources and more. The items on this page highlight the … Continue reading 

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Medication Sourcing & Savings

With the barrage of “fake news” about medicine all over the internet, it can be hard to know how to sift through the deluge of information to find the best sources for medication and effective cost saving services. CSIP, its … Continue reading 

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Partner Resources

CSIP is committed to working with our members, nonprofit and government partner organizations in raising public awareness about the potentially life-threatening problems associated with illicit online pharmacies and counterfeit medications purchased through these illegal enterprises. We also highlight addiction support … Continue reading 

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Reports & Studies

This page is a repository of reports, studies and other data about the threat posed to U.S. consumers by illegal online drug sellers and measures being taken to combat this problem as well as reports related to prevalance of prescription … Continue reading