CSIP works in close collaboration with our member organizations and partners to provide access to resources which educate consumers, the medical community, and others about significant issues related to counterfeit drugs sold online and rogue online pharmacies. We have also developed a series of resources aimed at combating addiction and raising awareness about the ongoing national crisis of addiction related to misue of opioids. Learn more by clicking on the links below.

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Following are links to trusted online resources to help guide consumers, medical community members, and others considering purchasing prescription drugs via the internet.

Opioid Awareness

Opioid Addiction Resources

The opioid crisis has become a public health emergency with nearly 100 Americans dying daily from opioid-related overdose. CSIP and the Partnership for Drug Free Kids are working with partners and stakeholders to raise awareness about the dangers of misuse … Continue reading 

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Reports & Studies

Following are links to reports, studies and other data about the threat posed to U.S. consumers by illegal online drug sellers and measures being taken to combat this problem.