Report: Accessibility of Low-Cost Insulin From Illegitimate Internet Pharmacies

With 1-in-4 patients in the United States with type 1 diabetes reporting difficulties affording insulin, there is concern that some of these patients might look for cost savings on the internet, unaware that 96% of internet pharmacies are illegitimate.

This 2022 report published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research discovered among 49 online pharmacies offering insulin – reviewed based on their location in search rankings – 59% of them were illegitimate. The ease of access to low-cost insulin through such rogue internet pharmacies calls for continued urgent attention.

– Journal of Medical Internet Research, Vol. 24 Issue 2 (2022)

Authors: Benjamin Penley; Lana Minshew; Hui-Han Chen; Stephen Eckel; Sachiko Ozawa

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