New Federal Resources Released for Addressing Opioid Epidemic

Man Typing on Laptop with Prescription Drug Bottles and Pills on Screen

Over the past few weeks, the federal government has released resources to address the continuing opioid epidemic impacting the US. Recognizing that finding safe and effective treatment options is essential, the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration announced the launch of, “a newly designed website that will help connect Americans looking for substance abuse treatment with approximately 13,000 locations across the US.”

According to a press release, HHS Secretary Alex Aza shared that “Better access to treatment, prevention, and recovery services is one of the five pillars of HHS’s strategy to end the opioid crisis.” The content on the website was created by HHS based on interviews with recovery professionals, advocates, families, and those who are currently in recovery. Users of the site can find both residential and outpatient treatment options with location and payment/insurance information. 

In addition to addressing treatment needs, a new report “Health Research and Development to Stem the Opioid Crisis: A National Roadmap” released by the White House aims to identify “key gaps in knowledge and tools, and opportunities to improve coordination of Federal R&D [research and development] essential to combating the opioid crisis.” Initial feedback to the release of the report seems to focus on how progress overall seems slow in this area, with little new information or innovations being shared. For example an article in Forbes highlights that the role of big pharma in the aggressive marketing of opioids is not included, as well as a discussion of the successful work that has been done to date. The report does review the science and opportunities around non-opioid options for pain management.

CSIP and its partners continue to monitor the availability of news and resources around the opioid epidemic, including through offering tools for the safe purchase of any medication through online pharmacies. 

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