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Role of Hospitals in Opioid Epidemic Featured at Summit Panel

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The 7th annual Healthcare of Tomorrow summit took place earlier this month, sponsored by U.S. News & World Report. The goal of this annual event is to bring together leaders from the healthcare industry, policymakers, consumers, and other experts to ” exchange ideas, share best practices, and set new standards for patient care.” Recognizing the role of healthcare providers and hospitals as the first line in the opioid epidemic, the 2019 summit agenda included an expert panel addressing how hospitals have responded to this public health crisis. Panel members included Dr. Alicia Jacobs of the University of Vermont Medical Center; Dr. Christopher Freer of Saint Barnabas Medical Center; Dr. Halena Gazelka of Mayo Clinic; and Dr. Jay Bhatt of the American Hospital Association.
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New Federal Resources Released for Addressing Opioid Epidemic

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Over the past few weeks, the federal government has released resources to address the continuing opioid epidemic impacting the US. Recognizing that finding safe and effective treatment options is essential, the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration announced the launch of, “a newly designed website that will help connect Americans looking for substance abuse treatment with approximately 13,000 locations across the US.” Read More


Supporting Children of the Opioid Crisis

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For 50 years Sesame Street has brought issues facing families to the forefront of the public conscious, while giving children the message that they are not alone. Earlier this month, Sesame Street introduced a new puppet named Karli who has a parent – her mother – who suffers from opioid addiction. Karli is in foster care as her mother works to take care of her illness. The Sesame Workshop also offers videos, a storybook, and other articles and activities that can help parents, caregivers, educators, and health care providers talk to children about addiction. Making children feel comfortable talking about this issue and their accompanying feelings is essential. Read More