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The Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies strives to stay on top of the latest topics, trends and developments related to counterfeit online medicines and illegitimate internet pharmacies. This page will also be updated with CSIP happenings, as well as news from our members and ex-officio member.



CSIP Partnerships Help Consumers Save on Prescription Drugs

Recognizing that Americans pay more for prescription drugs than any other developed country in the world, CSIP has long made it a priority to direct consumers towards reputable tools that can help them find safe and affordable sources for needed medications. We have recently made a change to our Save on My Meds initiative. In light of increased need during the COVID-19 pandemic, a collaboration with our partners, and, now connects consumers to even more support and resources. Read More


Supporting Individuals with Substance Use Disorders During COVID-19

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has forever changed the American landscape. From the economy to the health care system to family/community dynamics, we wonder when “normal” will return and what that will look like. We also see that the COVID-19 crisis has only further spotlighted the health disparities and challenges facing our most at-risk individuals and families. Amid trying to socially distance and stay safe, we cannot forget those who are facing this pandemic while also facing chronic diseases – including substance use disorders. Read More